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Do you want to travel more but think you don’t have enough money?

Do you feel stuck in your town and want to branch out to explore new places?

My name is Joe Buchoff. I want to free you. My primary motivation in life is movement. The more free I am to move, socially, physically, emotionally – the more I am fulfilled. When I feel stuck… Maaaan am I frustrated! Some call me a free spirit…


… and I would say that’s one way to describe me. Mostly I know that I love to move. The freer I am, the more fulfilled I am. The freer I make others around me, the more fulfilled I am. I want to make you free to move as you please. That is my gift I give to you, the invaluable gift of movement.

But Joe, that’s sooo abstract! What does that have to do with me traveling?

I am here to free you to move as you please by teaching you important travel skills.

  • How to find the best prices on airlines
  • How to get hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars from airlines in travel vouchers
  • How to create a location-independent routine to keep you anchored while you travel
  • How to leverage AirBnB and couchsurfing sites to LOWER your cost of living while you travel!
  • … and more!

I have traveled alone in the airport since I was 13 years old, and utilized busses, cabs, trains and more since I was 15. I was kicked out of the house and while I had a home, I traveled on my own even more at that time. I mastered BART, Cabs, Amtrak, Greyhound, at least 5 airlines, Biking… and more modes of transportation… All before I was 18. You could say the road was my home.

Every week, I go on a live video call in the Inner Circle Facebook Group (Note: Closed for the moment to focus individual attention on my current members, there is a waitlist) at

  • 10:30 AM  PDT
  • 11:30           Mountain
  • 12:30 PM  Central
  • 1:30              EDT
  • 18:30           London
  • 19:30           Berlin
  • 20:30           Lithuania

To answer personal questions and teach skills face-to-face.

I write a blog post each week and send out an email newsletter as well.

With more value to come!

I am so serious about freeing each and every one of you that even though this community is free right now,

If you meet the criteria and don’t gain value from this group*…

…I will personally pay you $1 for your trouble!


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*Criteria for the FREE MONEY GUARANTEE:

If you:

  • Signup for the newsletter, and
  • Signup for the community, or the waitlist if it’s closed, and
  • Like www.Facebook.com/ProjectUnchained, and
  • Read every blog post dated on or after the date you sign up for the newsletter within 7 days of its first publish date, and
  • Open, read and click the blog post link of every newsletter within 7 days of its first send date, and
  • Produce journal entries, personal posts or something similar to prove your investment in the process of traveling

And you…

  • Feel like you don’t have enough information to plan and take your first trip, or
  • Feel stuck and unable to take the first move, even after consulting the group and me, or
  • Have made a preventable mistake due to something I didn’t teach…

I will personally PayPal you $1. Email me at ProjectUnchained@gmail.com and I will ask for all the information I need to verify the criteria for this guarantee.