My 10 Biggest Travel Mistakes, Part 1

We all need to humble ourselves. Especially when traveling as a digital nomad.

Becoming a digital nomad has its joys. This is mostly what you see in reports. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on the positive, and everything right about it as long as you’re grounded…

…full time travel is exhausting.

If you are to create your own lifestyle, bounding from place to place like a monkey with a passport (I wish people called me that haha!) you need to confront your mistakes before they happen and prepare for them. This way you’re not stuck reacting to circumstances on the road, you’re creating an enjoyable trip, and a sustainable digital nomad lifestyle.

1. Megabus Has NO Lost and Found!

I’m organizing a riot of Megabus headquarters…

  • (This is a joke… If you go riot their headquarters, I am not responsible… Juuust… Get me my bags back before you’re arrested…)

Cue last March when I traveled with my then-girlfriend to Toronto. It was her first time out of the country (I’m glad she was so comfortable with me!) and she could go to bars there. Drinking age is 19 in Canada guys!

I missed the itinerary dates by a whole 24 hours and checked out early, and as we boarded the bus, handed our bags to the attendant, I realized something… We’re a day early!

So we left, looking to find a place for the night. Unfortunately we had an issue… Our bags were still in the bus!

I lost my bag.

And I lost my girlfriend’s bag…

Including our handcuffs, whips, ball gag, ¬†kitty suit…

I’m kidding of course.

… about the suit.

Point is, after 3 months of trying to track them down, it turns out Megabus does not have lost and found, and I only have myself to blame.

Always know your itinerary, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep track of your bags.

I can only imagine some homeless dudes getting it on with our red fuzzy handcuffs… You’ll have to guess whether I’m joking or not XD

2. Dead battery on my way to New Orleans

I misjudged my energy level at 3 in the morning when I drove from Orlando, FL to New Orleans, Louisiana. I HAD to sleep.

Close to my destination, I stopped in Mobile, Alabama and penniless, decided to crash on the side of the road.

Now, anyone who has been to Mobile Alabama knows it’s hot as balls. And humid as a swamp. So naturally I turned on the AC, kicked back in my car, and snoozed.

6 am rolled around… I want to travel all the way and get to N’Orleans, so I turn the key…

And as your awake selves guessed, and my tired self didn’t, the battery was dead. Luckily I got a jump pretty quickly just by asking at a nearby gas station. Why that girl followed me behind the dark building, alone, in the dark, to where I parked my car is beyond me but I am thankful she did! I would still be walking to New Orleans if it wasn’t for her.

Moral of the story, budget for stops along the way when you drive, and if you’re riding overnight, make sure to either get coffee, have a backup inn along the way which’ll be open with vacancy, or tag-team if you’re traveling with others.

3. Running out of money in New Orleans

Yup. Halfway through my trip as a digital nomad, with two destinations behind me and two ahead of me I was excited to buy 3 pounds of lube, 300 packs of condoms and 5 gallons of moonshine to fuel my drunken escapades. It also may have been breakfast, I’m not sure.

When the wholesale orgy supply dealer gave me the unfortunate news that my card was declined… Well I felt cheated out of a good time…

The good news is I had some willing family to help me out.

The bad news is, my family helps me out less now, and it was preventable.

The moral of the story is plan for the unexpected and have a backup plan, whether it is an emergency fund set up, or an emergency credit card or some other means.

Tune in for parts 2 and 3!

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